NEWSPAPERS READERSHIP IN NIGERIA (A case study of Newspapers Readership in Ilorin Kwara State)


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background to the Study

As reported, there is a astronomical increase in newspaper circulation worldwide, with 2.3 per cent increase recorded in 2006 and 9.8 per cent \increase in five years, with corresponding increase of 7.89 per cent in Nigeria within the same period (WAN 2007). However, local observations are that most Nigerians do not read newspapers. For instance, a survey conducted by. Afrobarometer in 12 African countries, including Nigeria, in 2003 indicates that only 13 per cent of the sampled population professes to read a daily newspaper Afrobarometer (2003)

Another survey, by the National Population Commission in Nigeria reveals that most Nigerians neither buy nor have access to newspapers, while newspaper ‘readership is generally low in all zones in the country http://populà However, a survey by the “World Bank in 2002 (quoted in http:/ / reveals that media exposure in Africa is often collective with many users crowding round television or sharing a single newspaper.

This practice is common in Nigeria, with the prevalence of the free readers’ club where people pay a token to read as many newspapers as they wished or borrowing from kin, workmate and peers. It is based on this phenomenon that a study on newspaper readership and patronage pattern in the Ilorin. Metropolis is being undertaken. The goal is to examine the performance of the various national dailies against the backdrop that readership of newspaper across the country is generally poor.

The objective of the study is to examine newspaper readership pattern in the Ilorin metropolis, taking into consideration corporate and individual readers, newspaper performance in terms of supply and demand, newspaper preference;, and ratings by readers and the type of materials readers are exposed to in the newspapers.

Why do People Read Newspaper?

The Newspaper circulation figures help to inform owners and those who work in newspaper organizations about the performance of their news products in the competitive media market. Another goal of readership survey is also to provide information to advertisers who are desirous of making effective selection of the newspaper with wider circulation and which would reach their target customers Sullivan et al, (1994:332-333). However, media workers are often skeptical about what the circulation figures say about the popularity of their product Burton, (2002:233), though this is about the main way of knowing a newspaper’s performance rating in the market.

Burton (2002:234) contends that media workers are mainly. concerned with how their managers see what they have produced, rather than looking at national audience commanded by their newspapers. Thus, circulation figures will only make meaning to the owners and fund providers of the newspapers and perhaps the readers who are influenced by what they produce as well as advertisers who need such information in their media planning for marketing purposes.

 1.2    Statement of the Problem

The research intend to investigate the impact of newspaper on the newspaper readers in form especially how newspaper impacting and influencing newspaper readers and why readers preferred one newspaper to neither.

1.3 Objectivity of the Study

1. To study the impact of newspaper in the life of readership in Ilorin.

2 To know why people read newspaper.

3. To know the challenges facing reader in reading newspaper.

4. To know why readers preferred one newspaper to another.

5. To study the number of newspaper readers read in a day.


1.4 Research Questions

1. To what extent does newspaper influence the readers?

2. To what extent does readers preferred one newspaper to another?

3. Does language of newspaper determines it readership?

4. To what extent do political atmospheres enhancing newspaper


5. How many newspapers do readers read per day?

6. Does the cost of newspapers determine its readership?


1.5 Scope of the Study

The scope of this study resides in the topic of the research itself. The research scope was limited to the study of newspaper readership in Ilorin metropolis. However, this does not in any way affect the generalization of the study.


1.6 Significance of the Study

The result of this research will allow newspaper publishers to know

the impact their papers have on readers.    It will help publishers improve their publications in the areas most applicable to readers.

It will help publishers improve their publications in areas most applicable to readers. It will also enable practitioners to know the most preferred newspapers.


1.7 Limitations to the Study

1. Stress from other academic assignments is one of the limitations to the research work

2. Financial constraint to browse internet.

3. Duration for the research work is relatively short.

3. Uneasy access to informative materials at Osun State Polytechnic library


1.8 Definition of Terms

Newspaper: It is a periodic publication, which carries news, advert e. t. c and are circulated usually daily.

Readers: These are the people reading newspapers.

News: It is an issue or event of public interest reported by journalist.

Ilorin: This is the capital city of Kwara State, Nigeria.











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